This is the store to empower leaders - that's you, your colleagues, customers, your family and friends. Here you'll find gifts that empower, encourage, support and celebrate.


Together with attributes of leaders and values for creating a powerful workplace culture, you have limitless (well, almost) choices in finding gifts for the leaders in your world.


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blog with Value

One of Empowering Leaders Online core values is education. In our Blog with Value, that's what you'll get: Inspiration and food for thought.


Enjoy, keep learning and growing.

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Empowering Leaders podcast

Whether there's a crisis or not, great leadership is key. The Empowering Leaders podcast focuses on what it takes to be both an empowered leader and empowering leader.


We dive into communication, values, building a stronger culture, engaging your team/s, influencing, productivity, and more.


All this, to empower our leaders. Because when leaders are empowered, they empower others to lead.

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